The Fun Cube Zone

Winner of one of Fairlawn’s coveted 2017 Innovation Awards, The Fun Cube Zone encompasses everything you would want in an office: fun, humor, wit, hard work and more humor.  All it took was a cube-like space and randomly putting two soulmates together, and a vision that never existed turned into reality.
Being founded by both a Project Manager and Maintenance Manager gave The Fun Cube Zone certain advantages right off the bat.  Not only were external aesthetics including signage considered and regularly updated, but the cube itself was structurally sound and anytime issues arose they were quickly prioritized over all other work and ultimately resolved.  
It's unclear what exactly The Fun Cube Zone is and whether it has clear cut objectives, but we do know the following: The Fun Cube Zone prides itself on being inclusive yet has very few members.  Membership is difficult to attain and has few rewards.  The Fun Cube Zone draws inspiration from a range of sources including The Office (of course), Christmas Vacation and Saw.  But what makes The Fun Cube Zone so special is that it takes ordinary daily life and makes it, well, more fun.  
Project and Maintenance Managers are, if you’re lucky (and we are), extremely organized and efficient.  This was demonstrated most recently when they were the first of the departments to be moved into our new office (more on our fabulous new office later).  Though we did away with most cubes in our new office in favor of more open floor plans, this is one cube we’ll never do away with. -- GBH