We confirmed it exists

We know you have all wondered whether it exists or if those pictures and videos you see online are staged in some way.  Well, this week, at Prairie Fruits Farm in Champaign, IL, we confirmed it exists.  In fact, we not only confirmed it exists but everyone participated.  And to my surprise, almost all of our team members came away with a smile.  Goat yoga will do that to you.

I was nervous to devote a significant portion of our corporate retreat to an activity such as goat yoga because after all, many of our team members had never even done regular yoga.  It might have made more sense to start with puppy yoga or something along those lines…but we decided to jump right to goat yoga.  Why?  We are all about getting out of our comfort zones.  If you’re not changing (and change is hard and definitely not comfortable) then you’re not growing.  And we want to grow.
Our day at the farm gave us an opportunity to also reflect on the past almost 3 years since we started Fairlawn, and to go over the numbers, which are almost astonishing.  During our company presentation I commented that we all feel really busy because we are.  You can't grow at our rate and not feel busy.  And that's why taking time to reflect, and taking time to be in the present as we did that day is all the more important.

We ended our retreat with perfection – a farm to table meal served family style.  Looking at our team, which has now grown to 46 didn’t make me nervous but instead made me proud.  And it’s only just the beginning. -- GBH